Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A Wicked Gentleman

Bestselling author Jane Feather brings to life the glamour, sophistication, and intrigue of Regency-era London in this captivating novel of unexpected passions and dangerous secrets.

Pooling their meager resources, Lady Cornelia Dagenham, her sister-in-law Aurelia, and their friend Liv Lacey arrive in London's Cavendish Square to spend a month at the home Liv has just inherited. But why anyone would show a fervent interest in purchasing the rundown property -- particularly the arrogant Viscount Bonham, who clearly could afford the finest of homes -- is a puzzle to Cornelia. His charms are undeniable, though -- and Cornelia finds her resistance to this mysterious stranger falling away...as a sparking passion clouds her view.

But their affair may place her and her friends in danger as Harry Bonham sweeps her into the sparkling whirl of high society. Leading a double life as a code breaker for the Crown, Harry is a man of many secrets. Is it Cornelia whom he truly desires, or something hidden in the house on Cavendish Square?

Sad to say, this was a snoozer...

This was my first Jane Feather book and I was reminded of something very important... check reviews before just picking up a book! 

I liked that this was the first in a new series, but more importantly, I really liked what I read on the back of the book!  The story sounded fun and exciting and ...well, it wasn't.  To be honest, there is nothing that even stood out to me as memorable.  Not a scene, not a character ...although the thimble made me think of my grandmother because she had a collection.  But that's it!  And the secondary characters seemed to be everywhere, cluttering up any hint of a storyline.  And just where was the "wicked" gentleman?  It couldn't have been the hero because he was positively lackluster and boring.  And for being a codebreaker for the crown, he wasn't all that intelligent either.  This book was just a disappointment.  The story was really, really slow and never picked up any speed at all since it was predictable the whole way through. 

Its unfortunate because I think Feather's writing has the potential to tell great stories.  After reading reviews for some of her other books, I may try her again sometime, but with so many books and so little time, you won't see me running to buy her titles any time soon.

My rating:  2 – I did not like it

The Cavendish Square Trilogy if you are interested...

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