Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Earl and the Governess

Innocent governess, forbidden liaison. Impoverished, alone and on the run, Isabelle Thomas needs help. So when William Stanton, Earl of Lennox, offers her a job as governess to his ward, she can't refuse. But Isabelle soon discovers that working for tall, broad-shouldered William, with his dishevelled hair and intense green eyes, is more of a challenge than she expected! When the attraction between them culminates in a bone-melting kiss, Isabelle knows she must leave. Only the Earl has other plans for his innocent governess.

It all started with a newt in a teacup...

And the result is a sweet romance that meets the challenge of class differences and society gossip head on. When William Stanton, the Earl of Lennox's young ward, Mary, becomes troublesome and is sent home from school, he must find a governess to look after her until he can find another school that will take her. Enter Miss Isabelle Thomas... a pretty, red-headed spinster Will rescues from an attempted robbery. But Isabelle has troubles of her own and will not accept charity, so when she shows up at his doorstep, Will is eager to keep her close and keep things proper... for the time being.

I enjoyed several things about The Earl and the Governess. This story has a small cast of characters, not only preventing the plot from being bogged down by superfluous characters and subplots, but also removing the typical use of "the misunderstanding" to create conflict. This story is easy to follow, with a certain cohesiveness and easy flow. I also liked the fact that the usual seasonal societal affairs were almost non-existent, which, being an avid historical romance reader, was a breezy breath of fresh air. The author created a fresh plot, adding a dash of intrigue to this charming tale, and leaves the reader wishing there was more. Unfortunately the epilogue added little to this story when one would have hoped for a glimpse into Will and Isabelle's future. It also would have been an excellent time to wrap up Mary's subplot, which unfortunately goes unresolved.

All in all, a delightful read, and my first Sarah Elliott book. I look forward to reading her others.

My rating:  8 – Definitely on my keeper shelf

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